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Rental Property

“They were great to work with. I didn’t have all of the initial deposit and first month rent, but needed to move badly. Dexter and his team let me make the deposit over a couple of months which allowed me to rent the house. I’m forever grateful to them for working with me and I recommended them to my friends.

Teresa S. [Decatur, GA]

“Over the years that I’ve known him, Dexter is someone that you can trust to get the job done. He is a very dependable and honest person that will always have your best interest in mind. I can’t think of a better person to buy your house.”

David G. [Atlanta, GA]

Yellow House

“Dexter’s company purchased my rental property and was able to close on it quickly. This was very important because I needed the cash in order to move to another house because of my divorce. Thanks We Buy Houses Fast In Atlanta for making the process easy and helping me start my next chapter during a stressful time.”

Sharon T. [Smyrna, GA]

“I inherited our family house that I grew up in and didn’t know what to do with it. It sat empty for about 10 years because I couldn’t emotionally go in to remove anything. That’s where Dexter and his team stepped in and indicated that they would salvage and return to me anything that I wanted, and would dispose of everything else. This put my mind at ease and allowed me to sell them my house.”

Mary J. [Atlanta, GA]

Job Relocation Needed

“We needed to relocate and sell our house fast because of a job opportunity. Because we had just purchased the house a year prior, we didn’t have the equity to list with an agent. Dexter’s team was able to buy it even though there wasn’t much equity. Thanks to their swift process, we were able to move back to Chicago.”

David T. [Atlanta, GA]

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Quick Purchase Needed

“We sold them our house after another buyer didn’t have the needed funds too close. Dexter was very upfront about what they could pay and he kept his word by getting us the agreed upon amount of money. Thanks for keeping your word and closing in a timely manner.”

Thomas J. [Atlanta, GA]

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